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July 2024

17 Cl
3.21×10-3 g/cm3
-101 °C
  • -150 °F
  • 172 °K
-34 °C
  • -30 °F
  • 239 °K

Original Chlorine contributions

collector no. 2

Pressurized liquid Chlorine in an ampoule

collector B.W.

Ampoule of liquid Chlorine encased in a clear acrylic block. Chlorine is normally a gas, but the sample is roughly under 8 times normal atmospheric pressure which allows it to liquify. The characteristic evil yellow color of liquid Chlorine is clear to see.

collector no. 2

Near a plasma globe, Chlorine glows a dim blue-indigo color

collector no. 12

Chlorine gas in an ampoule. Difficult to see, but a faint yellow color is there.

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